Supporting the Industry

A core tenet of the OPE philosophy is building good relationships and supporting the events industry through a simple, repeated two-step process.

  1. Learn
  2. Teach

Consequently, a free initial consultation pending bandwidth is regularly provided to new/small races in the interest of bettering the industry, and improving the OPE process.   (Of course, owner Josh regularly volunteers at the last minute for small races, especially trail races, in need - recommended for all RD's!)

OPE also regularly produces resources for the industry in the pursuit of research and best trends, including most significantly:

"Getting On Path" - A free 90-page E-book with thoughts, jokes, and flowcharts for the growing race director looking to get more organized.  In it, an explanation of the OPE Process.

Road Warrior Directory - currently a spreadsheet of traveling North American race series, management companies, and freelancers - to assist in connecting these groups.   To submit a record,  use this form.

#wekeeprunning - starting early in COVID and throughout the first 9 months, OPE managed a project of race cancellations, articles, and data trends related to the COVID-era running industry.  These projects were regularly cited by Running USA, Endurance Sportswire, etc.    Inactive since early 2021 and now offline.


Other recommended resources:

Race Directors' HQ + Race Directors Hub FB Group

Endurance Sportswire


Running USA