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2/8 - Out now!  Free E-book "Getting On Path", a guide for growing Race Directors on topics from soul-searching, to better delegation, to more efficient project management. 

1/31 -  {Updated} ROAD WARRIOR DIRECTORY - A continuing project - this directory of traveling race series, management companies, and road warrior contractors.  Many are friends of OPE and this directory is offered free in the spirit of helping the industry.   

Helping Events Grow + Innovate 

On Path Events helps race + other event organizations plan for the long-term and execute in the short-term.  OPE takes on long-term projects with interesting and complex series, from growing mid-size series to some of the largest and most well-known events in the country.  All of this is done with one mindset - to learn the best trends and practices, and improve efficiency and quality across the events industry.

What does this mean for you?  Perhaps you're a company that needs to bring in some firepower around some key race days and don't just want a casual 'weekend warrior' crew.  Or perhaps you're the director of an established but ambitious event, used to wearing every hat.  You've been around for a little bit, and you want some help fine-tuning your operation so you can expand.

Or maybe you're not there right now - and right now you just need someone who can help you get there, picking a few of the hats you wear every day and helping you focus on how to get to where you need to be.  You may want to tie it all together more or find and try out some new ideas.   You need someone who knows a little bit about everything in the industry and can hop right in,  connect you with the best vendors (and vet the ones you have),  execute, and help you focus on to the long-term.  Let us help you get "On Path".

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On Path Events is a small business that operates on the principle of a close expanded network of mutual support with regional teams.  Specialties include operations and project management, with a focus on efficient scheduling, maps, and researching national and regional trends.

Clients, Partners, + Friends

Canaan Valley Running Company

Operations and Project Management

Robby McClung is an industry veteran producing events to promote the beautiful destination area in West Virginia.  When his races became a merch brand and storefront, he knew he needed help synergizing it all.

2023 brings a second year of ops direction and project management for the Canaan Valley Running Company.

Navy 10 Miler - Race Director

In 2023 we welcome the third year of  directing the Navy 10 + 5 Miler in Fort Worth TX as they continue an amazing fall event - touring their runway and featuring some beautiful aircraft and attractions!   A partnership with All Sports Timing from Austin.

Run Cane Bay

Processes + Systems Development, Operations Consultation

Dan Caskie is an entrepreneur and a busy man - business owner, consultant, and competition BBQ chef.  He started Run Cane Bay as part of his fitness journey to promote his rapidly growing community in suburban Charleston, SC.  OPE consults on operations and helping him fine-tune his processes - so he can grow his event company throughout the year

Timing Account Management

Starting in 2023, OPE will be handling timing account management for the Savage Race OCR series - onboarding our good friends at Go Race Productions into the long-term account.

Event Southwest

The premiere race + event production company in Texas;  We support them in ops lead and foreman roles, at the Dallas, OKC, and Houston Marathons and many more to come.

Event Southwest

11 Creative

Prior to the outbreak, our network was beginning to work on operations and planning with Denver-based festival series 11 Creative, supporting 2 food+drink-based events in Denver and Houston.  I look forward to growing with the entire series in 2022!

11 Creative

Schedule and Availability

Even if shown as busy that weekend, we have a great network of ops and photo contractors that may be able to support you on site, along with our support remotely and outside of race week.  We also coordinate production and photo teams in several regions.

OPE's 2022 included  7 events as RD/ED or Ops Director, 12 Ironmans, the NYC and Houston Marathons, and many more.  Click here to see past events (2019-2022)

Date Name Location Role


1/1 Vintage New Year's Classic Cypress, TX Course Manager
1/1 OFFSITE: First Day 5K Summerville, SC Project Management + Ops Consultant w/ Run Cane Bay
1/15 Houston Marathon Houston, TX Black Ops + Misc duties as assigned by our lovely RD. Tackling the Honeydew list w/ everything from optimized credential slinging to researching WBGT models and practical testing.  Official duties race weekend managing start line perimeter and Corral A.
2/9-2/14 Race|Result + RunningUSA Conferences Denver, CO See you there!
2/25-2/26 Hyrox Houston Houston, TX Local Ops Support


3/4 Savage Race Florida Spring Dade City, FL Onboarding Timing + Tech account w/ Go Race Productions
3/15-3/20 NYC Half New York, NY Ops support w/ Dawn Patrol Productions
3/25 Savage Race Georgia Spring Dallas, GA Onboarding Timing + Tech account w/ Go Race Productions
3/25 OFFSITE: Run Cane Bay 10K/5K Summerville, SC Project Management + Ops Consultant w/ Run Cane Bay
3/25 OFFSITE: Seattle Cherry Blossom Run Seattle, WA Continued Operations Consultation for former onsite client
4/2 Ironman 70.3 Texas Galveston, TX Site Ops
4/8 Savage Race Gainesville Gainesville, FL Onboarding Timing + Tech account w/ Go Race Productions
4/14 Vintage Park Half Marathon Houston, TX Course Director
4/22 Canaan Valley Half Marathon Davis, WV Operations Director and Project Management
5/6 Offsite: Savage Race Charleston Charleston, SC Timing Account Manager
5/20 Offsite: Savage Race Maryland Kennedyville, MD Timing Account Manager
5/20 STA Hope Starts Here 5K Dallas, TX Race Director - working with All Sports Timing
5/18 + 5/21 Colfax Marathon Denver, CO Relay Zone Announcer/Co-manager and various ops staff
6/3 Offsite: Savage Race Charlotte Charlotte, NC Timing Account Manager
6/4 Ironman 70.3 Virginia Roanoke, VA Run Course Ops
6/17 Savage Race Ohio Columbus, OH Timing Account Manager
6/25 Ironman 70.3 Steelhead Benton Harbor, MI Site Ops
7/2 Ironman 70.3 Pennsylvania State College, PA Run Course Ops
7/8 Offsite: Savage Race Chicago Spring Grove, IL Timing Account Manager
7/9 Ironman 70.3 Musselman Geneva, NY Site Ops
7/22 Offsite: Savage Race Boston Barre, MA Timing Account Manager
8/5 Savage Race Pennsylvania Albrightsville, PA Timing Account Manager
8/12 Offsite: Back to School 10K/5K Summerville, SC Consulting
8/27 Moonlight on the Falls Marathon/Half/Quarter Davis, WV Operations Director and Project Management
9/9 Offsite: Savage Race Maryland Kennedyville, MD Timing Account Manager
9/9-10 Ironman + 70.3 Wisconsin Madison, WI Run Course Ops
9/23 Savage Race Georgia Fall Dallas, GA Timing Account Manager
9/30 Ironman 70.3 Muncie Muncie, IN Run Lead
10/7 Savage Race Dallas Beaumont, TX Timing Account Manager
10/8 Held Denver, CO
10/10-16 Ironman World Champs Kona, HI Run Course Ops
11/5 NYC Marathon New York, NY Finish Line Operations with Dawn Patrol Production
11/11 Offsite: Savage Race Florida Fall Dade City, FL Timing Account Manager
1/13 Houston Marathon Houston, TX The Usual 🙂
3/16-17 NYC Half Marathon New York, NY Finish Line Ops with Dawn Patrol Productions
4/23-4/29 Canaan Valley Half Marathon Davis, WV Ops Director and Consultation
6/22-23 Canaan Valley Trail Run Davis, WV Ops Director and Consultation
8/24-8/25 Moonlight on the Falls Marathon Davis, WV Ops Director and Consultation
10/16-10/28 Ultra X Nevada Las Vegas, NV Race Director
11/5 NYC Marathon New York, NY Finish Line Ops with Dawn Patrol Productions


What's Next?

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