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Currently open to 1/2-full time contracts, solo or with a contracted team - balancing around a couple long-term projects.  

2/8/2023 - Out now!  Free E-book "Getting On Path", a guide for growing Race Directors on topics from soul-searching, to better delegation, to more efficient project management. 

Top-Level Help for Mid-Size Events

OPE owner Josh Reed has spent almost 20 years in events and 11 in racing, traveling the country and working amongst the best in the nation to find the best practices for growing mid-size races and event series to take that 'next step'.

Through a cultivated process of analyzing how you work currently, 'starting simple' and growing from there, adapting new processes and bringing in outside help as necessary, we help established event companies who aren't ready for a full-time staff member, or may just need short-term help to grow.  Often times they just need some 'firepower' around race week and a casual set of eyes the rest of the year and this is perfect!  The key goal is to offer you more than you can get locally, for less than you would pay to hire someone full-time.

We provide national and regional insights and best trends and practices, with document/spreadsheet, map, and process refinement.  Naturally this usually leads to onsite support to races from the smaller side to the largest in the US, with a sweet spot of 500-3000 participants per race and companies producing 3-6 races a year.  Why?  Because this is a good size without drastically increasing complexity, and hosting many races a year allows for continuous improvement in the planning cycle.

Looking to transition into the next phase of your event company's life?  Looking for someone who knows how the 'big races' do it, so your series can become more like one of them?  Maybe just looking to get back some of your life and focus on what you do best?  Let's work together to help keep you "On Path".

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On Path Events is a small business that operates on the principle of a close expanded network of mutual support with regional teams.  Specialties include operations and project management, with a focus on efficient scheduling, maps, and researching national and regional trends.

Clients, Partners, + Friends

Ultra X

Ultra X Nevada - Race Director and Regionalized Support

Into 2024, OPE works with the fast-growing international brand Ultra X to launch in the United States.  Our first offering is Ultra X Nevada, a 5-day 220K stage race outside Las Vegas.   OPE Handles all local research, budgetting, course design, and subcontracting from regional talent to execute the event.

Canaan Valley Running Company

Full Operations and Project Management

CVRC Owner Robby McClung holds a variety of destination races and events in beautiful West Virginia.  After his merch and store brand took off, he needed help bringing it together.  2024 shows 20-30% YOY growth in the race properties as OPE support helps Robby gradually transition to focus on the marketing, merch, and community relationships he's best at.

Run Cane Bay

Processes + Systems Development, Operations Consultation

Dan Caskie is an entrepreneur and a busy man - business owner, consultant, and competition BBQ chef.  He started Run Cane Bay as part of his fitness journey to promote his rapidly growing community in suburban Charleston, SC.  In 2022-23, OPE helped Dan completely remotely and helped him produce a series of races which he has since sold to a respected regional company.

Timing Account Management

In 2023, OPE took over onboarding the Savage Race Timing contract from a previous vendor to Go Race Productions, with 6 races spent onsite supporting the GRP team as they grew into the account.

11 Creative

Before and after COVID, our network was beginning to work on operations and planning with Denver-based festival series 11 Creative, supporting multiple food+drink-based events in Denver and Houston.

11 Creative

Event Southwest

The premiere race + event production company in Texas;  OPE has supported them in ops lead and foreman roles, at the Dallas, OKC, and Houston Marathons and other events.

Event Southwest

Schedule and Availability

Even if shown as busy that weekend, we have a great network of ops and photo contractors that may be able to support you on site, along with our support remotely and outside of race week.  We also coordinate production and photo teams in several regions.

OPE's 2023 included  Several events as RD/ED or Ops Director including the launch of Ultra X Nevada, plus work on 7 Ironmans (inc World Champs in Kona), the NYC, Houston, and Denver Marathons, and many more.  Click here to see past events (2019-2023)

Date Name Location Role
1/1 Vintage Classic 10K/5K Houston, TX Course Manager
1/13 Houston Marathon Houston, TX Start Perimeter Manager, A Corral, and other duties throughout the winter as Unofficial Assistant to the Race Director 😉
3/15-17 NYC Half Marathon New York, NY Finish Line Amenities Manager
3/18-24 Pre-Season Meetings WV/VA CVRC Ops Director and PM
4/21 Vintage Park Half Marathon Houston, TX Course Director
4/23-4/29 Canaan Valley Half Marathon Davis, WV CVRC Ops Director and PM
5/4 Savage Race Maryland Kennedyville, MD Lead Timer
5/5 Rev3 Nanticoke Triathlon Bivalve, MD Bike Course Manager and misc ops
5/12 TriGirl Triathlon Houston, TX Course Manager
Return to Colorado base - much of time until November
5/16, 5/19 Denver Colfax Marathon Denver, CO Misc ops + Relay zone 2 announcer/co-manage
5/17-18 Last Best Beer Run Billings, MT Ops
5/29-6/2 Ultra X Site Visit and Volunteering Las Vegas, NV
6/22-23 Canaan Valley Trail Run Davis, WV CVRC Ops Director and PM
7/27 HTX Events Cypress Triathlon Houston, TX Course Director
8/10 Pending Denver, CO
8/24-8/25 Moonlight on the Falls Marathon Davis, WV CVRC - Direct all race week activities and year-round PM/consult
9/15 Pending Houston, TX
9/21 Pending Denver, CO
9/27-9/29 Boulderthon Boulder, CO Ops Lead TBD
10/16-10/28 Ultra X Nevada 220K Stage Race Las Vegas, NV Race Director
11/5 (TBC) NYC Marathon New York, NY Finish Line Amenities Manager
11/10 Pending Houston, TX
Return to Texas based approx mid November.  

What's Next?

Even if you're not sure what you need, a couple emails and half an hour on the phone may be enough to make a difference.  And we're always happy to chat!