"Getting On Path"

Planning the Future of your Race Event Organization (for those who want it badly, but don't know where to start) 

Feb 2023 release - Download Here in PDF

This free e-book is released in its first edition, including many questions, lessons, and examples I've seen in 10 years across the country in racing - working with many up-and-coming race directors who are seeking ways to get more organized and expand their race(s).

Written in the style of many business growth books, but in simple language geared to the Race Director, the book is targeted to readers with a small-moderate level of experience in race direction and project management, but holds a little of something for everyone.

Practice the basic concepts of Simplicity, Structure, and Scalability.  Expand into Organization, Delegation, and Communication.   Think about the hard questions to ask yourself along the way as the book moves into example timelines and ways to lay out documentation and hold meetings as you move from 365 days to race day (and beyond).