What Do You Need?

You're the director of an established but ambitious event or series, used to wearing every hat.  You've been around for a little bit, and you want a committed local operation with reliable people, each specializing in a key area.

But maybe you're not there right now - and right now you just need someone who can help you get there, picking a few of the hats you wear every day and helping you focus on how to get to where you need to be.  You may want to tie it all together more or find and try out some new ideas.

You need someone who knows a little bit about everything in the industry and can hop right in,  connect you with the best vendors (and vet the ones you have),  execute, and help you focus on to the long-term.  Let me help you get "On Path".

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Schedule and Availability

2019 was a great first year that took me to 40+ events including several of the largest in the country, and many of the largest in my focus areas of Denver and Dallas.  Click here to see 2019 events. 

Note: Even if I am shown as busy that weekend, I have a great network of ops and photo contractors that may be able to support you on site, along with me remotely.  

1/2-5, 13-22 Houston Marathon Houston, TX Various operations supporting the HMC and Event Southwest including start line support, traffic control, + expo build/flip
2/2 Super Bowl 5K Denver, CO Ops supporting HAL Sports
2/9-11 RunningUSA Conference Las Vegas, NV Attending, Networking
2/15 Love on the Run 10K/5K Irving, TX Offsite: Photos + Ops/PPU for Irving Marathon Group
3/6-7 Gran Fondo NS Malibu Malibu, CA Onsite (potentially offsite): Misc Support
3/14 St. Patrick's 5K/10K Irving, TX Photos + Ops/PPU for Irving Marathon Group
3/14 Plano St. Paddy's 5K/10K Plano, TX Contract RD for JJ/No Limits Timing / ACE
3/15 Running of the Green (Denver) Denver, CO Ops supporting HAL Sports
3/22 Gran Fondo NS Florida Tampa, FL Offsite (potentially onsite): Misc Support
3/28 Trinity River Levee Run Half Dallas, TX Photos + PPU support
3/28 Irving Marathon Irving, TX Photos + Ops/PPU for Irving Marathon Group
4/25-4/26 OKC Memorial Marathon OKC, OK Ops supporting Event Southwest
4/26  Gran Fondo NS Georgia Helen, GA  Offsite: Misc Support 
5/3 Unnamed 5K Irving, TX Offsite: TBD Photos + Ops for Irving Marathon Group
5/13-17 Colfax Marathon  Denver, CO Ops supporting HAL Sports
6/6-6/7 Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon Deadwood, SD TBD (Offsite or Onsite - 3rd year supporting)
6/27-28 Gran Fondo NS Golden Golden, CO Onsite: Ops Support
7/19 Gran Fondo NS Asheville Asheville, NC Onsite (potentially offsite): Misc Support
7/25 RINO 5K Denver, CO Ops Lead
9/27 Jensie Gran Fondo Marin County, CA Onsite: Ops Support
11/26 TBA Turkey Trot Irving, TX Offsite:
12/19 Irving Frost 5K Irving, TX Offsite:


What's Next?

Even if you're not sure what you need, a couple emails and half an hour on the phone may be enough to make a difference.  And I'm always happy to chat!