11/23 - Now booking for 2022!  This fall saw a series of RD, Asst RD / Ops director positions, as well as continued involvement in Ironmans and some of the largest marathons in the country.   Need a gap filled in your organization, a proejct manager, or a race specialist?  Let's talk!

New Ideas for Established Events

You're the director of an established but ambitious event or series, used to wearing every hat.  You've been around for a little bit, and you want a committed local operation with reliable people, each specializing in a key area.

But maybe you're not there right now - and right now you just need someone who can help you get there, picking a few of the hats you wear every day and helping you focus on how to get to where you need to be.  You may want to tie it all together more or find and try out some new ideas.  Or you may just need overflow with your own mid-term contract.

You need someone who knows a little bit about everything in the industry and can hop right in,  connect you with the best vendors (and vet the ones you have),  execute, and help you focus on to the long-term.  Let me help you get "On Path".

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Clients, Partners, + Friends

I'm excited to be joining the Navy 10 Miler in Fort Worth TX as they launch an amazing fall event that tours their runway and features some beautiful aircraft and attractions!

Event Southwest

The premiere race + event production company in Texas;  I support them in ops lead and foreman roles, at the Dallas, OKC, and Houston Marathons and many more to come.

Event Southwest


In 2020 I kept up my goodwill project for the industry;  a repository of information on racing and running safely in the Covid area and also my first foray into merch and fulfillment.


11 Creative

Prior to the outbreak, I was beginning to work on operations and planning with Denver-based festival series 11 Creative, supporting 2 food+drink-based events in Denver and Houston.  I look forward to growing with the entire series in 2021!

11 Creative

Partnerships w/ Several regional timing companies 

I don't time races myself, but in addition to ops I have a background in timing on hundreds of races, with all 3 major timing systems.  In the markets I often work in, I also regularly support timers there on their busy weekends.  Including especially: HAL Sports in Denver, No Limits timing in DFW, and All Sports Timing in Central Texas.

Irving Marathon Running Series

Supporting North Texas' Expanding 7-race series with:

  • Course direction and management
  • Photography / Video strategy
  • Packet Pickup help
  • General strategy and planning
Technology + Apps

My experience isn't only limited to operations.  In a previous life I did a lot of web design and coding, so I have helped scope and test software for several companies, including RaceWire + EnMotive's event platforms, the RunnerTag photo platform, Sweatworks' Photo platform, Pic2Go, and many others.

Schedule and Availability

Even if I am shown as busy that weekend, I have a great network of ops and photo contractors that may be able to support you on site, along with me remotely.  I also coordinate production and photo teams in several regions.

Date Name Location Role
Click here to see Past Events
11/13/21 Navy 10 Miler Fort Worth, TX Race Director (contract)
Nov-Jan Misc help for Houston Marathon - remain flexible for weekend dates Houston, TX misc overflow including inventory, orders, start/finish "another pair of eyes", etc
12/7-11 Held pending Dallas Marathon Scope Dallas, TX Ops Lead in area TBD for Event Southwest
12/11/21 Antlers + Tutus 5K Forney, TX Course Manager supporting No Limits DFW
12/12/21 BCS Marathon College Station, TX Timing Ops supporting All Sports Timing
12/15-1/2 Magical Winter Lights: Festival + Christmas Lights Show Houston, TX Festival Site Manager
1/14-16/22 Houston Marathon Houston, TX Assistant to the Race Director, Gofer, Black Ops, Start Line Perimeter manager, heavy forklift time, etc.
3/5/22 Pending
5/7/22 STA Hope Starts Here 5K DFW, TX Race Director (contract in partnership with All Sports Timing)
5/14-15/22 Colfax Marathon Denver, CO Misc Ops + Relay Zone 2 Announcer (supporting HAL Sports)
5/21-22 Pending
8/28-29 Pending
11/12/22 Navy 10 Miler Fort Worth, TX Race Director (contract in partnership with All Sports Timing)
2022 calendar will be updated after New Year's and tentatively includes, several festival ops management jobs, a few Ironman's and large marathons, and still many free weekends to fill.   


What's Next?

Even if you're not sure what you need, a couple emails and half an hour on the phone may be enough to make a difference.  And I'm always happy to chat!