On Path Events coordination is available for any race, of any size.  When free and in a pinch, I love great opportunities even to just show up and lend a hand.

That said, targeted partners are  those who want to build a relationship over 2-3 years and/or several events, strategizing, tweaking, executing, and repeating.   I'd like us to talk for an hour a week, continually batting back emails and texts with ideas - having a more focused attention than someone who may be serving 100 clients a year.

Need help with Site Ops?  In 12 years, I've worked on around 1,000 events - including a few hundred races from 4 participants to 40,000 -  But also hundreds of festivals, weddings, concerts, conferences, and trade shows.

Timing Planning + Support?  I've timed and managed start/finish lines a couple hundred times.  While I don't currently operate a timing business, I work with several and am happy to coordinate.

Photography?   I am tied in with photographers across the industry and active in the future of marketing and photo technology.  I've recently led photo ops at over a hundred races from the smallest up to the Baltimore + Twin Cities Marathons, and several Hot Chocolate races.  I believe in transforming photography beyond traditional portraits into something that captures the uniqueness of your event.

Registration, Web Design, Print Design, Data Management?  I've spent hundreds if not thousands of hours on each of these for my own events in the past.

Strategy and tying it all together?  I've laid eyes on 1000's of races for several companies and 100's of clients.  I speak the language of almost every one of your vendors and I can help you vet and find the best ones for you.

So while you may not need my help in the long-term -  I do want to help you get to where you don't need it. Then maybe I can stop by and get a chance to race it myself 😉  Let me and my nationwide network of partners help you get On Path.

Things I don't do:

  • Race Timing (do not own equipment and can refer EnMotive as a national partner or other great partners locally)
  • Crisis and Disaster management planning, ops on super-large events (there are better pros for this)
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Heavy web design and coding