Planning Your Media Strategy - Photos, Videos, & Tech

In partnership with Race Directors HQ (RDHQ), OPE is offering a special off-season consultation program to aid with planning your photo + media strategy for 2020 .  Running from January til St. Patty’s Day, this No Obligation program will include a free half-hour consultation along with content and discussions on RDHQ.  Together we'll tackle questions like

  • How do I transition from 'Paid' to 'Free/Sponsored' Media?  
  • What can I do if I like my people but not their software platform (or visa versa)?
  • I'd like to do more with video and tech, but where do I start? 
  • And how do I interest sponsors in paying for all this?

Read more below, or sign up to chat using the calendar (right in browser, below on mobile).

The goal of this program is to get RDs thinking about the issues surrounding photos, video, and sponsor activations - and how they relate to the broader 'Participant Journey'.  This area is rapidly changing with tech and runner expectations, often so fast it is hard to keep up.  The traditional model of 'paid photos' sold to runners used to simply require good portrait-focused photographers, and an RD could generally be hands-off;  Today's 'free/sponsored' model requires a different mindset and more integration with the event's needs.   As a result, we as as RD's need to be more involved in media than ever!

This program is not affiliated with any one 'photo/media company' - we believe that you should be able to choose between media providers, managers, and software platforms, and you shouldn't have to leave one to improve on the other.  To learn more about OPE's experience + philosophy, click here.

Here's How It Works

  1. Use the calendar at right to request a free, no obligation, 30 minute consult .  (If the available times don't work, feel free to email requesting another).  Based on your initial response you will get a questionnaire about your event to return in advance.  We then do a quick review of your answers, your website, course, etc, and chat about your photo, media, and sponsorship activation strategy and how it relates to the rest of your race needs, and point you in the best direction we can.  These conversations will further drive questions and content that is relevant to RD's on the RDHQ / RD Hub pages.
  2. You may want to move on after this, or schedule a ‘deep dive’; based on this initial discussion, I spend a few hours coming up with suggestions on how to set up your 2020 strategy, platform, and pricing.  We then take an hour to review the information, and you walk away with 1-2 pages of recommendations on how to execute your photo and media activation strategy.  Depending on your needs and size this may run from $1-200 and there is still no obligation to continue with us or one of our partners.
  3. If we choose to work together further – on turnkey photos, photos coordinated with a subcontractor, and/or any other aspect of your operations (see Services Page for what other areas OPE focuses on), this cost in #2 is subtracted from the bill as we will be doing the same fact-finding as if you came to me directly.

Let's Talk

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Note: All times are in Denver (Mountain) Time.   More times may be available beyond the suggested hours shown. 

Initial Consult (.5h call, 1h block) - June 13 - 19, 2021
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