Tracking Trends in Endurance Events Cancelled / Postponed Due to Coronavirus

    1. This table is in part generated from data submitted via this Google Form.  Go there to submit a new cancellation and details.
    2. If you have an update to an existing listing, want to submit multiple events via Excel, or want to help process data, please email
    3. As much as possible I am including most relevant website on the 'all data' tab - please do not reach out with any other questions regarding individual event cancellations.
    4. We don't ask any money for this and this information will remain free to all - but if you are reading this please take a few moments support the new initiative of OPE and several industry leaders:  #wekeeprunning .  Make this your hashtag for everything positive and related to running.  Visit and share and #wekeeprunning on Facebook as we work to support the running community.

Click here to see (constantly changing): a map of state/provincial + local restrictions on events + gatherings

3/28 4pm CST : After working on the #wekeeprunning project most of the past week, I spent today getting hundreds of record updated on this.  Anything TBD should truly be TBD at this point.  Records are still lacking for many ultra/trail races, and I will try to get those fleshed out in the coming days.