Josh of On Path Events has been a road warrior and experimentician around the events industry for the last 12 years.   Now he's settling down to focus on special projects in his new home outside Denver (Golden for those who know the area) and help out a few friends old or new around the country.

His favorite work phrases are either "Where else would I be on a Saturday morning?" or "Fun in the way that events are fun..."  When he's not making fast calculations on race site, he's making fast calculations on the trails of Colorado, the chess board, or with his secret questionably useful superpower as a world-class speed typist (no, really... could paper entry forms stay around a few more years? Just kidding...  )

He's not an expert in any one big area, but he's been around the industry and loves finding cool projects and great people to work with.  Some of his favorite professional experiences in rough reverse chronological order include:

  • Supporting PPU and Timing as account manager for the Tunnel to Viaduct Run (29,000 people in Seattle, Feb '19)
  • Managing Photo/Promo Ops for Pic2Go and EnMotive at the Milwaukee Marathon, Baltimore Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon (Oct '18) and Hot Chocolate Chicago (Nov '19) - Madness!
  • "Grad School" - two years in Event Services at George P Johnson.  Fortune 500 Auto and Trade show activation budgets and ops support on some of the largest conferences in the country.  My brief step out of our wonderful little pond and it taught me the world.
  • Managing chunks of hundreds of races in Upstate NY for YellowJacket Racing and RaceWire ('13-'15)
  • Taking over and singlehandedly producing the Rochester Indie Fest ('09 assist, '10, '11, '13 alone) - 60-80 of the coolest, never-seen-before-or-again performances in Upstate NY.   All grassroots, All low cost and profit-free 🙂
  • Site manager for 7 years on a 10,000 person street festival that had the joy of setting up on live city streets..
  • And where it all began, as sociology/community growth major, music minor - co-founding the student music performance and networking group "No Jackets Required" at the University of Rochester.  Top-Level Classical musicians and dorm-room guitarists come together to put on 10-20 piece live performances of classic albums and songs.  "Magical Mystery Tour", "Tommy", "The Chronic"...  yep.


And yes, as a Midwesterner he knows his company's acronym is "Ope".

This space held for some sweet photos of big races and events, coming soon.